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OK Geometry

OK Geometry is an aid for analysing geometric constructions. Given a dynamic geometric construction OK Geometry detects patterns as well as certain properties of the construction. You may think of OK Geometry as a pair of geometric spectacles for observing invariants of dynamic geometric constructions.  Detecting properties is, among other, an important step in proving facts. OK Geometry may also help in organising the found information.

You can download the latest version of OK Geometry software and documentation from the OK Geometry web page.

OK Geometry consists of three modules, related to three modes of work.

The Easy mode is intended for occasional users and for students who are learning the concept of deductive proof. It provides the geometric analysis of dynamic geometric constructions directly imported from common dynamic geometry systems (GeoGebra, Cabri Geometre, C.a.R., Cynderella, Sketchometry, JGEX). 

The Basic mode is intended for enthusiast who like to investigate challenging problems in plane geometry. This mode allows the design and automated observation of constructions, including implicit constructions and constructions based on optimisation.

The Plus mode is aimed at specialists in triangle geometry. It combines automated observation with a huge database of triangle characteristics.

The references for the three modes are available on the links below.

Reference for OK Geometry Easy
Reference for OK Geometry Basic (Part 1)
Reference for OK Geometry Basic (Part 2)
Reference for OK Geometry Plus

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